About Third Coast Maintenance

Third Coast Maintenance was created to help you and your business’ image withhold a lasting impression with your work force and customers. Maintaining a clean and profesional image is vital to your success. Third Coast can help to maintain a lasting pristine image for potentional customers on the outside and current customers inside. We offer the finest quality with our experienced and diligent workforce. All employee must meet our hire on screening standards and make livable wages to ensure you have a trustworthy, reliable, and dependable Third Coast staff on your properties at all times.

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Our History

Third Coast started as a simple janitorial company and has now become one of the southeastern’s finest one stop shop for all of your professional cleaning and maintenance needs. We were founded with $50.00 buying a mop bucket and cleaning supplies. After hard work and prosperity we picked up larger and larger accounts to become the multi state company servicing from Texas to Florida. Today Third Coast services over 500,000 square feet of facilities across the gulf coast. We have maintained 120 plus facilities in the gulf states over the last three years. Our goal is to bring pride and reliability back to the field of proffesional facility cleaning and maintenance solutions. Third Coast provides the finest in customer care, efficiency, and sets new standards in cleaning.

Our Staff

At Third Coast Maintenance we take a lot of pride in our work, and that starts with having great employees. Our work force all receive a living wage that grows with Third Coast. All Third Coast employees have undergone federal background checks, which ensures that we have a trust worthy and honest staff to service our customers. Third Coast team members take pride in their work, and that will be reflected when you see your business always looking its very best, having been serviced by the folks at Third Coast Maintenance. Third Coast keeps close contact with all customers through our supervisors to ensure your peak satisfaction. We have managers with ever team to help our quality control while our supervisors oversee multiple teams to maintain consistency and quality throughout the states we service.

Our Promise

Third Coast Maintenance understands how important it is to keep your business clean, both for your employees and for your customers. A clean working space helps with employee morale, and customers always feel more confident in a business they visit when the surroundings are clean. With that in mind, Third Coast Maintenance takes personal responsibility to provide the best in facility cleaning and maintenance. Our founder Josh Hebert had one goal in mind when beginning his journey of bringing back the proffesionalism to this field. We ensure this by using inovative systems to ensure our promise of excellence. No more do you have to manage your cleaning vendors employees or worry about if they are getting the right job done when the job calls for it. Our promise is ensured by the team we have built of highly trained, trustworthy, and well paid work force to care for your facilities.

Closing Statement

At Third Coast Maintenance, we take personal responsibility for providing the best in facility cleaning and maintenance. For your customers’ trust and your employee moral, clean surroundings are a must. We understand how important your business image is for your success, and hold ourselves to the highest standards in service.

Third Coast has been a business you can trust for six years, and focus on training our staff across the Gulf coast to uphold the same standards that we were founded on.

We take our own business seriously, and realize you do, too. Thank your for considering Third Coast Maintenance as your facility service provider.