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Third Coast Construction Services

Third Coast’s construction division has become a pivotal tool to our network of general contractors and developers alike. Our goal is to be an essential tool, ensuring both an efficient and successful build from start to finish. Third Coast offers an array of services to provide a clean, presentable, and most importantly safe build site.

Multi Phase Cleaning Service

Third Coast’s construction cleaning division is designed to maintain a safe, clean, and efficient build from start to finish. The following cleaning options were created to provide a seamless transition throughout each phase of your build. Allow Third Coast to remove the distraction from your more expensive sub contractors, providing essential time needed to effectively complete their primary contracted services. Our post construction services provides an immaculate and presentable final product to your awaiting customers.

  • Post-Frame
  • Post-Float
  • Post-Construction

Construction Site Maintenance

Third Coast’s site maintenance service provides the necessary methods to maintain both an organized and presentable construction site throughout your build.  We aim to be a standing presence to ensure your build operates seamlessly from start to finish.

Site Organization

Third Coast site organization services are commonly used to consolidate excess materials and tools, in addition to disposing of trash from the site. Consequently, an organized build process is generated to maximize safety and time efficiency of sub contractors working in unison.

  • Tool Organization
  • Material Disposal, Consolidation, and Organization
  • Trash, Debris, & Dust Removal


Temporary Parking & Zone Striping

Third Coast can apply temporary parking lot and zone striping. This integrates the traffic and parking to maximize usage of available exterior concrete areas. Furthermore, our zone striping can provide designated zones for material storage, trash dispensing systems, muster areas, and more.

  • Parking Lot
  • Tool & Storage Zones
  • Loading & Unloading Zones
  • Muster Zones
  • Safety Walkways


Surface Protection

Third Coast offers many different forms of surface protection. This is an essential service to protect everything from carpets and floors, to countertops and appliances after installation. We are able to provide many different protection options ranging from plastic adhesive layering to a variation of paper and cardboard protective options.

  • Countertop Protection
  • Floor Protection
  • Carpet Protection
  • Appliance Protection


Trash, Debris, & Dust Removal

Third Coast also provides trash, debris, and dust removal services upon request. This again allows your builders to operate in a clean, healthy, and safe work environment.

  • Trash Removal & Disposal
  • Periodic Dust Removal
  • Debris Consolidation, Removal, & Disposal

Post Construction Service

Third Coast is essential to applying the finishing touches upon project completion. We ensure that your customer is presented with a pristine and complete product. It is all too common, that in our industry we receive negative feedback of developers due to the minor details not being completed following a build. Neglecting anything from interior cleanliness to imperfect road side views, can negatively affect your company’s image no matter how flawless your project is completed. Give Third Coast the responsibility of separating you from your mediocre competition.

Interior Final Detail Service

Third Coast offers the highest quality of post construction interior detail. Our cleaning division ensures a perfectly clean and pristine interior to present to your awaiting customer. This final process is a much overlooked aspect that can have drastic, negative affects on your image. Previous customers have often expressed frustration when calling us to provide a post construction clean when it was believed to be paid for with the build. Allow us to protect your image by provide a beautiful and complete brand new feel to your completed project.

  • Trash, Debris, Dust, & Excess Material Removal
  • Wall to Wall Detail
  • Drawer Removal & Clean
  • Crawl Space & Enclosed Space Clean
  • Hinge, Drawer Track, Piping, & Hidden Detail Clean
  • Trim, Vent, Door/Doorframe, & Fixture Clean
  • Floor Clean & Detail
  • Appliance & Electronic Systems Clean
  • Stainless Steel & Wood Polish


Exterior Final Detail Service

Third Coast can apply the important final touches to guarantee a lasting impression upon first arrival of your valued customer. We start by removing and disposing of all trash & debris left over from the completed construction. Our pressure washing division provides a complete wash of the entire build from roof to surrounding concrete. Third Coast window washing options ensure a clear shine to all glass visible on exterior building while protecting the various tint and other window applications. We finish with a removal of all temporarily striped lines, and furthermore apply the final layout of the parking lot to the desired parking lot specifications.

  • Trash, Debris, & Excess Material Removal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Window Washing
  • Parking Lot & Zone Striping


Final Floor Maintenance Service

Third Coast offers one of the highest quality floor maintenance services across eight southeastern states. Let our floor specialists provide you with our prestigious services to ensure a truly lasting impression. Our floor maintenance division can clean, prep, and apply a flawless finish to meet your hard floor build specifications. Third Coast’s floor specialists are also capable of performing a detailed tile and grout steam to clean and sanitize unfinished hard surfaces. Utilizing our carpet care and maintenance division, Third Coast can provide stain and dust removal from your newly installed carpet and soft surface flooring.

  • Hard Surface Floor Clean
  • Final Floor Finish Application
  • Tile/Grout Steam Clean & Sanitation
  • Carpet Care & Maintenance


Day Labor Service

Third Coast can provide day laborers upon request. This particular option allows you to have much needed help within short notice for your desired time frame. You no longer have to remain over staffed, yet always have employees when the need arises. We have many skilled and trained employees that can be provided to you upon request. These employees arrive in full Third Coast dress code, fully insured, and employer payroll taxes covered. This service allows you to have contracted laborers, but with no binding contract required by most staffing agencies. Our employees are highly trained in professionalism and workspace etiquette to ensure your image is protected through our workforce. Third Coast also offers various tool and equipment rental options provided with day laborers.

  • Half Day Options (4 hour maximum)
  • Full Day (8 hour maximum)
  • Overtime Rates (any time provided over 8 hour maximum)
  • Tool & Equipment Rental

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