Exterior Building Detailing Services

While you may know Third Coast Maintenance as the outstanding indoor cleaning company that it is, we also clean and maintain exteriors of buildings as well.

We keep your office floors, walls and upholstery spotless, and now we can also keep your exterior just a spotless. At Third Coast Maintenance, we feel we have a very important mission, which is to provide the best possible personal service in facility cleaning and maintenance. You have a lot of work to do in running your business and keeping it growing. You may not have time to keep it as clean as you would like, and that is where our excellent service can be of help to you and your business.

We do pressure washing for buildings, parking lots, windows and other outdoor surfaces. We also do line striping for various kinds of lots. Third Coast Maintenance is a company that can care for all your cleaning needs, inside and out. While the inside makes a lasting impression on customers, the exterior does too. A customer may not even want to come inside to see what your business is about if the exterior is not clean.

Pressure Washing

Our exterior pressure washing includes a building wash, cleaning of parking lots and walkways cleaning. We also can clean and maintain your windows and signs.

  • Building wash
  • Parking lot and walkways
  • Windows
  • Signs

Line Striping

Our outdoor line striping service is also something to think about when maintaining your property. We do parking lots, which may involve parking spaces, curbs, handicapped zones or signs, as well as other safety zones on your property. Especially if you have a lot of customers, they need to be able to see where the parking lines are. It can be confusing when you go into a parking lot and cannot see the lines clearly for lanes or for parking spaces. With Third Coast Maintenance on the case, that is something you will never have to be concerned about.

  • parking spaces
  • Curbs
  • Handicap Zones and Signs
  • Safety Zones

We can clean your exterior, or your parking lots, on a one-time basis, but many customers like to have a regular maintenance program in place. With a regular cleaning schedule set up, your property will always look its best no matter what time of the year it is, or what else is going on. You can know it will be cleaned when needed when you have a regular program set up with Third Coast Maintenance.

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