Floor Maintenance Services

Floors make a lasting impression on your customers.

A dirty floor will turn shoppers away, and make customers think twice about coming inside your establishment again. Clean floors increase your credibility with customers, and also help with employee morale, as people enjoy working more in a clean environment. There are also safety issues. Hazards can be created when floors are not kept in good shape. Keeping your floors maintained will give you an appearance of professionalism, and will stop hazards from developing that could cause problems if someone were to fall and be hurt.

Hard Floors

Our floor maintenance program for hard surface floors – which can be applied to any hard floor – include scheduled and regular buffing, top scrub and re-coating, strip and wax, auto scrub, as well as steam cleaning. Theses services are available for office flooring, warehouse flooring, or exterior flooring. We offer a one-time service, but many customers like to have a regular cleaning program of maintenance, and that is our specialty. Your floors will also last longer if the surface is kept in good shape, waxed often, and maintained.

  • Scheduled buffing
  • Top scrub and re-coat
  • Strip and wax
  • Steam cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning includes shampoo and extraction of debris on all surfaces, stain removal, steam cleaning and scheduled bonnet cleaning. Just like in our floor maintenance program, a one-time cleaning is available, but once you have it clean, you might like to have a regular maintenance cleaning scheduled to make sure everything stays looking its best. Carpets, as well as upholstery, can hide germs and dirt that gives it a dingy appearance even if it is clean. Regular maintenance can keep it from fading, and even make it last longer, saving you money in the long run.

  • Shampoo and extraction
  • Stain removal
  • Steam Clean
  • Scheduled bonnet cleaning

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